Aftercare & Maintenance

Cast Iron

All cast iron prodcts are manufactured in ISO 9002 accredited manufacturing facilities.

All the cast iron products are delivered with a protective, oil-based coating on polished surfaces. This should be cleaned off during installation. It is recommended that a spraytype oil is applied from time to time in order to avoid surface rust appearing. Ensure that the room in which the cast iron product is being installed is thoroughly dry. For example recently plastered walls cause high levels of moisture in the atmosphere and, as a result, rust is likely to occur.

Under no circumstances should a water-based cleaner or polish be used to clean cast iron products.

When using ceramic fuel, ensure that these do not touch any of the polished surfaces, this will help to minimise the possibility of thermal discolouration.

High temperature paint is used on the black and graphite products where fires will burn. This paint will eventually burn off. A proprietary, high temperature paint can be used to recoat your fireplace. Such paint is available from your retailer. Its your responsibility to burn smoke free fuels if you live in a smoke free zone.

There are some very high temperature burning fuels which can cause damage to any fireplace. Please refer to the Solid Fuel Association ( recommendations and use an approved coal merchant as your supplier. No responsibility can be accepted if high temperature fuels have been used or if there is excessive draught. If in doubt we recommend the use of a clay fire back.

Clean ash away regularly as a build up beneath the fire will cause the grate to burn out quickly. The grate is a consumable part of your fire and will need replacement from time to time, depending on the frequency and burning temperature of your fires.

Stone/Marble/Textured Marble/Veneered MDF


Stone is naturally porous, so all visual surfaces have been pre-sealed to help protect the surface from staining. Protect the surface from coloured liquids such as fruit juices and red wine. In the event of an accident, use a specialist cleaning and resealing kit, following the instructions given by the manufacturer. Where chipping has occurred, use a fine wet and dry sand paper to blend out as necessary.


Protect the surface from strong coloured solutions and citrus juices as the acid may etch the surface. To maintain the subtle shine of the surface, occasionally wipe over with a solution of general household cleaner and buff with a soft dry cloth. Do not use any bleach or abrasive cleaning agents as these will scuff or dull the shine.


Extensive tests prove textured marble to be virtually stain and scratch resistant. If minor scratches occur then please use the small touch up kit supplied. If spillages occur then use a soft, damp lint-free cloth immediately to wipe away the spillage.


This material offers the benefits of being lightweight, sturdy and durable, however it is not resistant to very hot items which could result in discolouration. For this reason we recommend that it is not used in conjunction with any solid fuel fires. To clean, dust occasionally with a soft dry cloth. Avoid silicon based sprays.

Gas Fires

All the gas fires we supply are tested in accordance with CE requirements and are CE marked.

A gas fire is a technical piece of equipment and, just like a gas boiler needs regular servicing.

Please ensure that you have your gas fire serviced regularly by a GAS SAFE REGISTER (Board Gais in ROI) registered installer. This will help you enjoy safe and trouble free enjoyment of your fireplace for years to come and may be a requirement of the Government's Home Information Pack.

Did You Know?

  • Stone is naturally porous, so all visual surfaces have been pre-sealed to help protect the surface from staining.