Choosing Your Fireplace

You are on your way to finding the prefect fireplace! Please make sure you read the information on this page carefully, to ensure you select the right one for you, based on your particular needs.

Fireplace Dimensions

It is firstly important to find a fireplace not only that you love, but that will also fit the dimensions of your living space. Click on the picture to the left to view the dimensions of all our fireplaces and suites.
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Chimney Types & Fire Compatibilities

Once you have chosen your perfect fireplace its time to decide on what type of fire best suits your needs. The first thing to do before making your decision is establish your chimney type. Your type of chimney will determine which fires are suitable for your particular application.
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Fire Types & Features

The efficiency of your fire may prove to be a significant factor when making this important decision so we feel it’s important that we take the time to explain the differences in efficiency and what this means in terms of environmental and running costs.

  • GLASS FRONTED CONVECTOR FIRE Up to 89% efficient. Up to 4.2kw heat output.
  • OPEN FRONTED GAS CONVECTOR FIRE Up to 65% efficient. Up to 4kw heat output.
  • DECORATIVE OPEN FRONTED GAS FIRE (DGF) Up to 50% efficient. Up to 3.5kw heat output.
  • ELECTRIC FIRE 100% efficient. Up to 2kw heat output.


New and exclusive to The Penman Collection is the innovative Vision fire range. All of the fires feature exclusively designed fascias and all are available in a variety of fire types to suit any type of chimney. These fires utilise efficient gas technology and amazingly realistic fuel beds and come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Fire Frames & Trim Options

Once you have chosen the type of fire you want it's time to decide which frame or trim and fret combination you prefer. A frame refers to a one piece cast iron frame and a trim and fret refers to a steel frame (available in a variety of finishes) which is chosen to accompany a fire fret.

Trims & Frets

There are a 2 fret designs available in various finishes. Simply select the fret you like, combine this with a matching trim, then check the table below to determine which of our fires your chosen option is available with.
Note: spacer kits may be required to fit some frames to certain fires.
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Fire Frames

Unlike the trims and frets, the frames shown below are fixed and non interchangeable. They do however come n a range of different finishes so there is sure to be something to suit your particular taste. The table below will help you to determine the right fire combination for you.
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Arched Fire Frame

As featured in the EcoCast range (see picture).

The Apollo fire frame can be used as a stand alone frame or can be used together with the Eclipse Arch insert as part of the EcoCast range.
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All cast iron products are manufactured in ISO 9002 accredited manufacturing facilities. All the gas fires we supply are tested in accordance with CE requirements and are CE marked. Due to the manufacturing processes all measurements are approximate and may vary slightly so allow for a tolerance of plus or minus 12mm.

In order to achieve some of the colour options, we plate the products using a variety of manufacturing processes. When we state that a product is 'Antique Brass finish' or 'Chrome finish' there is no intention to mislead. The products are not brass or chrome respectively, they are simply plated to give that effect.

Micro-marble & Jura-stone Chiltern Finish products are not suitable for solid fuel applications.

The colours shown on this website and in our brochures are as accurate as possible, but if the colour you require is critical then please consult your retailer before basing all your decisions on the colours shown.

Your home may have a chimney type which will allow you to choose any of the fireplaces shown in the brochures. However, please consult the selection charts in the brochures and if you are not clear please consult your HETAS or GAS SAFE REGISTER (Board Gais in ROI) registered installer or your retailer. Gas fires with a gas input of 6.9kW or less do not normally require air vents, but there are some circumstances where vents may be required. This is determined by your installer carrying out a spillage test during the commissioning process. If your chosen fire has a gas input greater than 6.9kW then a vent will be required. Please ask your retailer for further information.

There are occasions when designs, or products are altered or discontinued without prior notice (a reserved right), so if you are about to set your heart on a particular fireplace, please consult your retailer before making that final commitment.

Did You Know?

  • Stone is naturally porous, so all visual surfaces have been pre-sealed to help protect the surface from staining.