Fitting & Assurance


It is a major project to have a new fireplace installed and it is good practice to try and prepare yourself as well as possible.

All installations must be carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the Building Regulation documents, in particular, Approved Document J. There are independent bodies which have been approved to carry out installations in accordance with these regulations. For gas installations the most recognised independent body is GAS SAFE REGISTER (Board Gais in ROI) and for solid fuel installations it is HETAS. Please confirm with your retailer that your new fireplace will be installed appropriately.

If you have your new fireplace fitted by a GAS SAFE REGISTER (Board Gais in ROI) or HETAS registered fitter you will be given a certificate stating that your installation has been carried out in accordance with the Building Regulations. If you do not have one of these certificates then you will have to arrange for your local Building Control Officer to inspect your installation and approve it.

Whilst there appear to be no definitive regulations available, a sufficient gap must be provided around the basket when placed inside the fire chamber. This is essential because air must be able to flow into the fire in order for the fuel to burn effectively; the flue and fire chamber surfaces must be kept cool to avoid heat damage from the fire and where applicable gas controls need to be freely accessible.


Your Penman fireplace is made up of a number of different components and it is important to ensure that your installer not only meets the requirements mentioned in the 'Fitting' advice section, but that he also has the necessary experience to fit ALL those components, for example a Jura-Stone Chiltern finish suite with a Fireframe and a Powerflue Fire.

In the unlikely event that there is a defect in any of the products shown on this website or in our brochure, then a replacement will be supplied without hesitation. Of course, this requires the products to be fully inspected prior to installation as no responsibility for re-fitting or redecoration can be accepted if defective products have been installed. In this case and in the case of accidental damage after installation, in-situ repairs can be made by specialists, subject to prior agreement of terms with your retailer.

Did You Know?

  • Stone is naturally porous, so all visual surfaces have been pre-sealed to help protect the surface from staining.