The ability to control fire was a dramatic change in the development of humanity. Among many things, it provided warmth, light and security, allowing us the freedom to pursue our dreams and passions.

We believe that this base connection still exists and is the reason why we still desire to use a fireplace as the central focal point of our living space.

The Vision Trimline range has been designed with the specific purpose of recreating that instinctive connectivity with nature.


Our innovative fires are skilfully engineered to allow a true trimless aspect. This means no distracting frames or visible mechanical workings – just fire.

Furthermore, meticulous attention has been paid to the realisation of our fuel bed and flame patterns to ensure a perfect recreation of a natural, living fire.

Authenticity is everything.
Accept nothing else.


Vision Trimline fires offer a sense of true minimalist beauty. However, if your home style dictates, there can sometimes be a requirement for a little more flare – even extravagance!

To address this, we have created a range of frames and fireplaces that have a certain synergy with our fires. Sharing the same design ethos and manufactured to the same high standards, we have crafted a range that includes a variety of materials with a wonderful, natural beauty.

The theme here is ‘Harmony’. From Brazilian slate to Portuguese limestone, each material choice was carefully selected to complement the design whilst not detracting from the visual element of the fire itself.

Optional Extras

If burning logs are not what you are looking for, then perhaps you would be more interested in an alternative fuel bed for your fire.

Or for that extra WOW factor, why not choose to upgrade to a black mirrored glass lining for your fire chamber and add a reflection to the fuel bed and flames to give a remarkable effect of added depth and detail.

Flue Systems

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